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Full Version: Challenge 1 - Summer
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The theme is Summer.

This challenge will run from July 6th-11th
Entries are due by 11th at Midnight EST
Judging will be on the 12th.

--You can and will be disqualified if your photo is not in by the due date.
--All files should be 500x375 or 375x500.
--All files should be emailed to with the name of the challenge and the contestants name in the subject.

Entries Received:

Chantal - Asashi
Ettarde - DeadlyNova
Inki - ObviousZebra
Justice - TrueFan
Katsu Curry - Taquito - King

Lark - SugarMag123
Lark Tamago - Babelglyph
Lily - CuddleMonkey101
Melanie - Christopher Fritz
Moe - KiraKira

Molly - Holyponiesbatman
Noel - SilverSumire
Nova - Gaspode
Pajelle - Requiem
Puchiko - Dana

Puki - Vanie
Rima - SweetMaddie11
Rin - Ridella
Roux - PrincessPetal
Sadie - Vertefae

Solitare - Caratagia
Tangerine - Hina Ichigo
Yukari - Merzedes

23 out of 24
I forgot there was another "Lark" and so I forgot to put her last name in the subject line -- the subject I sent was "Challenge 1: Summer: Lark". I hope it made it okay! >_<
Eeek, did mine make it?


I see it now. Phew! Can't wait to see all the entries!
Will we be able to see Challenge 1 entries soon? smile