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Full Version: Challenge 5 - Nature
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The theme is Nature.

This challenge will run from May 3rd-8th
Entries are due by May 8th at Midnight EST
Judging will be on the 9th.

--You can and will be disqualified if your photo is not in by the due date.
--All files should be 500x375 or 375x500.
--All files should be emailed to with the name of the challenge and the contestants name in the subject.

Entries Received:




11 out of 13
*yay* I love that theme and I already got an idea for it. Aaaaaaaand: my mother alowed me to use her PV tomorrow, so I will spend a lot of time this evening for preparing everything! *yeha* (hopefully I will get a new PC by next weeks time!!!!)
That's great, Merzedes ! ^__^
may be hard to take a photo with the weather here...
Oooh this should be fun!
I am working on it. Hope to have many pictures tomorrow to choose from.
Hmm. Nature around me isn't very....nature-y. Hahaha. I'll figure something out. XD
Just sent mine in.
I just got an idea for this challenge today, that's super early for my standards LOL
just sent my entry!!! AndI loved the theme ^^
Great theme, especially with all the spring colors around here. I enjoyed shoot this challenge, aside from the slimy worm that tried to get into my croc. That wasn't pleasant. Just sent in my entry.
I sent my entry, though the weather here wasn't being as cooperative as I would have hoped. Got caught in a downpour just as I was cleaning up...
Sent mine yesterday. Did you get it?
I hope my entry went through, there were sporadic bursts of downtime in the past 48 hours..
sent mine!
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