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Love Mia the most. Also adoring Letti, Stella and Mothball.
Anyone know when the results will come out? I'm dying to know
Still waiting on a couple judges to judge challenge 5, and then we be judging challenge 6. The results will be posted within the week.
ah ok then
Everyone's entries are awesome! smile Can't wait to see the results!
They are all good and it's hard to just pic one. Nice job everyone. :-)
I LOVE all the entries for Challenge 6. Yay to us all for making it this far.

they are all wonderful as always -- my favourites this time are Mia and Letti smile
I love them all as well! Great job everyone who entered!
Coty's not here, got disqualified?
Are you almost done judging?
Perhaps you should move ahead without the missing judge scores.
It´s now more than 1 month ago since the last challenge is over and still no jidging yet ..... :-(
I agree with True, if all the judges aren't done you should just move on without them. It's never taken this long for the previous rounds of Dalicious.
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