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Full Version: Feedback for fifilatrixabel
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Hello, If any of you have traded with me here or on BK, TIB or eBay under fifilatrixabel, or bought from me on eBay as beanpolio, I'd much appreciate a feedback post to help me got on. Thanks, dolly friends, F x
My eBay feedback links are:
for buying:
and for selling:
+1 for a perfect buyer! smile
+1 as a buyer! She bought my Cornice and was lovely smile Thanks again!
+1 as a buyer! Bought a bait head from me and it was a lovely, easy transaction - plus she is super-nice! XD
+1 as buyer

Bought a couple of wigs from me and was great to deal with! Thanks so much yay
+1 for wonderful custom work. I really do love her and just can't stop glancing at her every time i pass by her. please see the post i put up in Happy Customers thread. thanks so much or doing this for me. I highly recommend you to anyone.
+1 for an amazing buyer! Bought my Pullip Melissa, paid promptly and was easy to communicate with! XD
+1 as a seller

Or rather +1000 as an artist and customizer.. smile Fifilatrixabel customized a Simply Vanilla for me and I couldn't be happier with how the doll turned out. Very nice to deal with and everything SUPER positive! grin