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Full Version: My Little Candy
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I haven't really been keeping up with blythe so much these days ^^; I was looking through my girls today and was toying with the idea of putting my MLC for sale but I have no idea what she is worth (nude, no modifications- probably without box unless I get absurdly lucky and manage to find it).
I have seen her online for around $250-300 NIB

I haven't seen her around nude lately... :/
But i hope that helps
I sold her five years ago ^^; Thanks though.
(02-20-2016, 03:23 AM)Hina Ichigo Wrote: [ -> ]I sold her five years ago ^^; Thanks though.

OMG! It must have come up after a search but I thought it was in the "View Today's Posts" list. Sorry about that. D'oh! Dead