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Full Version: Banner Contest!
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Design a banner for Dolly Market!

The banner should have something to do with dolls or figures. Or it could feature out lovely mascots Pita & Parfait.

The banner needs to be 500x320 pixels.

The deadline for entries is November 10th, 2011.

Email your entries to
Awww I read it too late! sad
D: Darn it! I didn't see this either!! D: I could have drawn something really cute too :/
No one has sent in any entries, so if you would like to you can submit stuff still.
oooh grin grin grin I'll def be drawing something up soon!
I had sent an entry.
I appreciate the new banner. It's really cute plus now I don't feel like a fool every time I open this forum while at work.
The banner looks great! Derpy the pony was cute, but I prefer the new look. smile
Love the new banner! Whose work of art is it?
The new banner looks so good Heart
I LOVE the new banner! Who made it?
I agree; the new banner is adorable!
I'm the banner artist.
I'm happy you guys like it > 3 < ♥
cupcake, you are AMAZING! I'm so envious of your skills! <3