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Full Version: PM Issues and Planned Solution
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Whacked Oh My

wow truefan, that's gotta be a record! lol i felt good getting rid of six ... lmao
What can I say, I have done lots of business here, and many people PM me for advice and so on. We didn't have a limit so I'd never bothered to delete anything. But I will from now on!
I cleared out most of mine - is the Total up in the message bar the absolute amount of PMs you've ever received? I've got under 20 or so right now but it still says I have 510. *scratches head*
did you empty your trash bin? when you delete them from your "sent/inbox" they go to your trash bin ... i don't know if after a certain they get purged from there or not, but i empty my trash bin manually ... lol
I have 4792 messages @_@ I think it's better I clean a little... I have seen that there's also an option to save them all, I used it a while ago for the older messages.
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