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Full Version: Blossomforth the Hippie
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I gave Blossomforth a bit of a makeover yesterday. What do you think?

[Image: 7182183307_4e97093f57_z.jpg]

[Image: 7182363999_907bdc26dc_z.jpg]
[Please don't use my photos without permission.]
EEEE! She's wonderful! The look really suits her.
aww she looks adorable ^^
Cute! I like the pink & green color scheme you used. She looks really carefree! smile
I'm so glad you guys like them! Here are the other two shots I took:

[Image: 7185239551_4d4378d688_z.jpg]

[Image: 7185237595_3d3d74f081_z.jpg]
[Please do not use my photos without permission.]
I love her makeover. She's really cute. I really like her necklace. =)
Omg she is freaking adorable !