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Full Version: Bringing Ningyou Magazine back?
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Would anyone be interested if I brought Ningyou Magazine back?

I of course would finish Issue 6 which never got published due to not enough content.

For those who dont know for about a year I ran a doll and figurine magazine called Ningyou. It featured mostly dolls from JP/Groove and some Pinky St figurines. Though I am thinking we could possibly open it up to other types of dolls and figures.

The magazine would be published 4 times a year both in print and in pdf form.
I'd be happy to help out with pics if you need me.
I liked the idea of Ningyou. I would be interested in seeing its return.
I am glad that people are still interested in it. I have recently got a new camera, and I a very eager to get to use it more.

I am moving in a couple of weeks, so all of my doll things are packed up. Once I am settled in my new place which should be around mid-october, I will post more details and figure out what content is still needed for the 6th issue of Ningyou.
I can assist if it starts up again.

Edit: Let me know if you want me to send you coverage of the 2012 PUDDLE.
I'd love to see Ningyou again!


This sounds fun! I wish I knew about it before.