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Full Version: Pony Play! #2
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[Image: 8406427452_7c729fc739.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Zecora: Toil Toil, Mumbo Jumbo, hurry come to boil, my dinner of gumbo!

[Image: 8405337383_89c05228bd.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: HIIII ZECORRAAA!!! grin
Zecora: Oh, becareful one of pink, I don't want to pour this down the sink.

[Image: 8405339571_f196940698.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: HAHAHA! You're cooking a brew... in tupper ware. XD
Zecora: Do not make fun of me, mare, Blood had nothing but this piece of tupperware!
Pinkie: Anyyywaaay... GUESS WHAT?!

[Image: 8406433976_7bbe5e788a.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Zecora: Pinkie, look at what you do! You dumped over all my stew!
Pinkie: Stew! Forget it! This is MUCH more amazing! LISTEN!

[Image: 8405344499_c648a6df2b.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Zecora: No, you pony of doom, I don't want to listen to your story of gloom!
Pinkie: NO! Not gloomy, just IMPORTANT!
Zecora: Then what?

[Image: 8405347585_c570dd552f.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: Its seriously epic! It will BLOW your mind awaaay! grin
Zecora: Hurry up and tell me this tale, before I turn around and bail!

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Untitled by Shugahime
Zecora: @~@

[Image: 8405351535_5afe8bc710.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: Hehe. ^^
Zecora: ... @~@
hehe - cute
Lol, I like the rhyming :p


Oz: *looks at me ... looks at story ... looks at me ... looks at story ...* ... you realize you just killed a pony right?
Me: *facepalm*
I'm glad ya'll all got a hoot. :3