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Full Version: Tyrseight's feedback thread
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Outside of ebay, I don't have much feedback on my transactions, but I am a mature buyer and seller, with a verified paypal account, and take my commitments very seriously. I have been on the receiving end of bad purchases, and I wouldn't want to put anyone through that.

dolly market -- 2 positive feedback (woot)!

ebay--100% positive feedback, 257 transactions, username boneyardmoxy.

Pullip Fiction -- 1 positive feedback on the Seller and Buyer Feedback page, username tyrseight.

etsy --5 positives, no negs or neutrals, username tyrseight.

Thanks very much!
Perfectly lovely transaction, great buyer!
+1 as a buyer. Participated in a For My Doll Group Order run by me. Communication was excellent, super friendly and payment was incredibly fast. Thanks so much for participating.