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Full Version: Monster High customs: Warning dolly nudity ^^;
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I've really wanted to span out as far as customizing is concerned and Monster High dolls started peaking my interest again. So I did one for myself (Frankie) and the other is a commission (Marceline from Adventure time) I am happy with the results.

[Image: 14375744485_96b2f982ce_z.jpg]

[Image: 14372411941_7581e8b4b7_z.jpg]

[Image: 14189307287_8194b51e49_z.jpg]

[Image: 14189101079_f3bd9c9064_z.jpg]

[Image: 14189124158_53b7087bb8_z.jpg]

Thanks for looking smile
they are gorgeous Heart 2 I have a Pinterest board with 100s of MH customs on it so I am a fairly harsh judge - only the best smile Both these girls are really well done. (LOVE Frankie's eyebrows)
I really like the detail on Frankie's body (of course, her face is gorgeous, too!), the y-incision was a great idea and I love how the stitches are all slightly uneven. Heart Marceline turned out so cute as well, I love her eyes.
They're gorgeous!
So gorgeous!
Oh dear, I just remembered to go scavenge the closet for the dolls I promised you. I'll find them tomorrow when the sun is out so I can see what I'm doing. smile
Thank you all so much <3

@ Severity you are fine, just let me know smile
Your faces are so soft and have just the right level of sadness. I love them both!
Marceline for Meowceline. I'm so impressed. With both of them keep up the awsome work!

I think that Frankie's new lip color is my favorite aspect of the entire set of pictures, but a lot of work was obviously put into all of it! Wow!Happy

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