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Full Version: Come, Josephine
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Come Josephine in my flying machine
Going up she goes, up she goes

[Image: eEhBCmfl.jpg]

[Image: lDjHQAal.jpg]

Balance yourself like a bird on a beam
In the air she goes, there she goes

[Image: Dfu0TkLl.jpg]

[Image: g5N9y6Zl.jpg]

Up, up a little bit higher,
Oh, my! The moon is on fire

[Image: BjI3Lp7l.jpg]

[Image: sKxfyhSl.jpg]

Oh, say, let us fly girl
Where? To the sky, girl

[Image: O52Hllcl.jpg]

[Image: R3jJDzql.jpg]

Come Josephine in my flying machine
And it's up, all on, goodbye

[Image: DYwpd66l.jpg]

Starting a gallery for my newest Blythe addition, a V-Smash customised by the talented Buzzingbumblebee grinI couldn't love this little girl more!!
I already expressed my love on Dollchemy, but forgot to say how much I love the poem as well Heart
Wow!! smile So pretty!

I love the poem- did you write it? smile
Thanks Bee and Fishy smile it's actually a really, really old song. I first heard it in Titanic; Jack and Rose sing it to each other! The original version is very pretty too. It just popped into my head for no reason when I was browsing V Smashes one day on Flickr, so 'Josephine' just had to be this little lady's name xD
Jees, I should have known that. I have seen Titanic after all xP.. I should watch it again perhaps, but it's just so sad *cry*.
Wow, she's too adorable. Her pouty lips are exactly what I want for one of my customs ! Plus, red head Blythes are the cutest Heart Great job Bee Heart
"Josephine" suits her perfectly. In the first few pictures she looks like she's dreaming about flying... cute smile
Thank you, I feel like a proud, lucky dolly mama Tongue Bee sure does amazing work!

(Bee - it's one of my favourites movies but I swear every time it makes me weep like it's the first time LOL )
Thank you for the compliments wink. And that's my reaction to that film as well yay.
She's adorable! I've always been happy with my stock Blythes, but Bee's customs are making me change my mind.
Thank you, CB! smile

Yes, they have a way of doing that, haha ~