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Full Version: Summer Wishes
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Imogen and Josephine celebrated the Japanese festival of Tanabata by visiting a wishing well to make doubly sure their wishes would come true wink

[Image: kWjNs1al.jpg]

[Image: zHixDUcl.jpg]

[Image: 0z0ejQpl.jpg]

[Image: bASQYwsl.jpg]

[Image: 7QT4YMzl.jpg]


[Image: mzefW5Fl.jpg]

[Image: IMb9fL5l.jpg]

[Image: VS6Fd5Cl.jpg]

[Image: KMFSUOQl.jpg]

What did they wish for? They won't tell me Tongue Finally, they had a quick photoshoot at home with little Daphne, an ADG Lounging Lovely who recently joined the family. Maybe next year Daphne will have a yukata of her own (and a new face!) and can join in grin

[Image: iqQwfXBl.jpg]

[Image: BKh0FmHl.jpg]

I hope everyone had a great summer now August is drawing to a close, and may all your summer wishes come true!~
Aw how beautiful! A well is such a cute spot for a photoshoot.
Was it a deep well? You weren't scared they'd fall? ._.!
Either way, great photos, your girls are precious <33
Thank you Whimsu! Heart

Haha don't worry, it's just a fake miniature decoration well in our neighbourhood, and its half-filled with soft earth and moss so no danger if one of the girls toppled backwards xD what you can't see in the photo is how close my other arm was, just out of shot, stretching to reach in case they fell forwards, lol!

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos yay
They both look lovely in their summer yukatas! Congrats on the ADG, I'll be looking forward to seeing her transformation in the future.
They all look so pretty!
What a great photo prop. #6 is my favourite. That trio looks like they could get up to all kinds of fun smile
Thank you so much everyone! Heart

Haha, yes they are a mischievous trio wink