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Full Version: Round 52 Voting Thread
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This here’s the voting thread for Round 52. The theme was Having a Grand Time With Friends Who Share My Hobby, and was chosen by our Round 51 victor, Offgenemi.

Please cast your vote for your favorite from the following three entries. Voting closes on July 20, so don't delay. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period will get to choose the next round's theme.

Here are the entries, in alphabetical order of username…

Crafternoon by Lejays17
[Image: 8869be77525bb35984cf0929dc3ece8e.jpg]

My Turn Next by rubyperidot
[Image: 322_original.jpg]

Skate Rats by s1dthesqu1d

[Image: 28418612707_dda291f211.jpg]
All of these are absolutely amazing!
These are all super cute !
Nice photos! I'm always impressed when I see photos featuring multiple Pullip dolls in a variety of poses, because posing Pullips and getting them to stand up is not an easy thing to do!
Rubyperidot, are those little ginger dolls Merida’s brothers from Brave? Hard to see their faces.
(07-18-2018, 08:51 AM)Melissa Wrote: [ -> ]Rubyperidot, are those little ginger dolls Merida’s brothers from Brave? Hard to see their faces.

Yes they are. The faces were clearer in the original size photos but reducing them for the forum takes some detail away, I know.
OK! It looks like this is another round that ends with a tie. The Round 52 winners are LeJays17 & s1dthesqu1d.

You two can decide on a Round 53 theme together...or designate one of you to choose....

Just shoot me a PM once you've come up with a plan. smile
Thanks to all who voted, it was a fun theme to come up with an idea for.
Congrats, winners! grin