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Full Version: Elfy's Doll a Week 2019
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A little explanation may be required here, especially for those who either weren't following Lejays Doll a Week last year or can't remember the pics she posted of some of the DC L'il Bombshells figures. These are put out by Cryptozoic and they're a little different in that the figures spawned a comic rather than the other way around. Initially the idea was to reimagine some of DC Comics ladies as 1940's pinup style characters. The Lil Bombshells are obviously smaller and they're also blind boxed. You buy a can, but don't know what character is inside until you open it up. It's a bit of a lucky dip, and I've been fairly lucky so far in that I haven't many doubles. The first and second series featured female characters only, and the recently released 3rd season has branched out into male characters. I'm starting my Doll a Week with these, although the odd Pullip may also make an appearance.

[Image: 385f4d1bd5ebd5ff983575b4551631ba.jpg]

This is Wonder Woman from series 2, hanging out on a window sill, because she can.

Because this is my first post there's also a bonus image:

[Image: 5ae565be72d0646920d6987c22b2fae5.jpg]

Pullip Wonder Woman (we call her Diana) meets her mini doppelganger.
I do remember these! They're rather cute. Good luck with A Doll A Week!
I like that '40s hairstyle and the appropriately exaggerated eyeliner! Those are cute figs!

Congratulations on jumping right in to A Doll A Week!

(Of course, going an entire week between photos makes it easier to forget, so there's always the option of... A Doll A Day! LOL )
Cute! I've never seen these other than their previous appearance here.
Cheers for doing doll-a-week -- looking forward to seeing your collection.

(01-03-2019, 02:37 AM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ](Of course, going an entire week between photos makes it easier to forget,...
Noooo, you put it on your calendar Tongue xp
Thank you all for the encouragement, now Series 3 is out, the collection will grow.
It would grow a lot quicker if you stopped getting duplicates LOL
Oh these are so cute!!!! And I love that bonus image! I can't wait to see what else you post!
These are very cute figures and a bit different than the usual anime type.
Ahh, the Bombshells Diana design is just so awesome. The figure is really cute, as is the Pullip version.
I got a new one today. I think my next pic will feature her and a couple I already had.
My second Doll a Week, I know it hasn't been quite a week, but I thought I'd make it easy by doing it Sunday's our time. It's the DC mini's again. I got a new one this week, and it was the Series 3 Harley Quinn. Harley is the only character that has featured in all 3 series. I have the Series 2 and now the Series 3 Harley. For those who don't follow DC comics in any way, shape or form. Harley Quinn is The Joker's girlfriend. The DC Bombshells have chosen to portray her based on the Margot Robbie version of Harley seen in Suicide Squad, with the multicoloured blonde pony tails.

I give you The Joker and two of his Harley's:

[Image: cf043f9b86b69592ecd803a0dd821071.jpg]
The pop-cork-gun is so cute, and so are her 2 dogs with the multicoloured mohawks
Adorable trouble trio!
No idea about the characters, but the little Harleys are cute.
They look pretty cute, too! I thought Harley was somehow the Joker's daughter? I used to read some of these comics when I was a kid, but that was a loooong time ago and I don't recall that Batman was among them. So I could be terribly misinformed.
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