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Full Version: dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
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Wow, look at that hair! Sooo fluffy. LOL
She's really cute. Is she a MIO, or...?
Yes, a MIO customized by myufish smile
Oh how cute! I'm always weak for big brown eyes and curls. She's so stinkin cute, and I love her eyebrows!
She's a pretty little thing! I like the color match between her hair and eyes.
The hair is awesome!
Her hair is gorgeous, and she's ever so pretty
Oh, she's so pretty!
Thanks, everyone... It's a Monique wig. I find their wigs to be kind of meh for the most part (they frequently look very different in person than they do in the pictures), but I adore this one.
Week Nineteen... It is cold and rainy today, so I wanted a bright, happy picture...

[Image: 32891714027_3de7388087_z.jpg]Jem13 by tisue999, on Flickr
She has an odd 90s cult classic feel to her. I can't quite place my finger on what EXACTLY that means, but she looks like she'd be in an older indie film of some sort. Lovely eyes and lips <3
Nice colours. She's pretty and she looks bright and summery and like she's just waiting for the rain to stop.
Even though her eyes and hair are not the same color, she reminds me of actress Marlo Thomas in a TV show called That Girl. Maybe it's those swirls on her dress that are reminiscent of 1960s psychedelic-paisley imagery.

Odd how your recent pics keep reminding me of characters and stars from the 1960s.
The colours are so wonderfully bright
And you got a bright, cheerful pic. I wonder what she’s looking at off to the side.
Quote:I wonder what she’s looking at off to the side.

In reality, my sewing machine... In dolly fantasy world, a friend who's ready to go make some mischief with her, weather be damned smile
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