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Full Version: dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
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Marina’s so stunning she’s leaving me starry-eyed!

...I’ll see myself out now...
Oh wow, stunning!
She looks quite sassy! Lovely dress, too.
Gorgeous doll, and lovely photo. She looks like she's going to float off into the stars.
Week Six

[Image: 46999121132_108ed0f6e4_z.jpg]Harper31 by tisue999, on Flickr
Ra Muw is one of the best Dals they made.
She is seriously gorgeous, but I find her so hard to photograph. (Might be due to my doll's very floppy body so she is frequently slumping/ oddly angled.) I had to take a ton of photos to get a couple I liked, and even so I don't think it properly captures how pretty she is in person.
What an outrageous steampunk ensemble! All those beads and bangles and pins and chains and... things! I loooove it!
Ha! It's a conglomeration of various outfits-- she's wearing a brown dress I made, her own stock jacket and goggles, Amelia's corset (I don't own an Amelia, but picked up her partial stock for cheap on the boards here when she first came out), and Eos's hat. (I adore Eos's hat!)
She is utterly adorable. Her ex.pression and pose convey a lot of attitude in such a simple gesture, and her look is fantastic.
Love that her outfit is a mish-mash of everything.

That’s how I view steampunk stuff, bits and pieces stuck together with no thought of how they go together (in a fashion sense), apart from basic brown or metallic.
Harper would fit right in at PUDDLE this year!

I have a Byul Sucre with a similarly floppy body; it does make posing quite a challenge, doesn't it?
Love her outfit, she’s very steampunk.
Wow, she's very much aware of how lovely looking she is - it's very endearing. Her dress is very cool, I like The starry fabric
Week seven

[Image: 32187389177_3f1b38fb4c_z.jpg]Dalslove1 by tisue999, on Flickr
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