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Full Version: dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
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She loves you, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Five little cuties!
Cute and Valentine's appropriate!
That's a nice idea!
Awww, they're all soo cute. They love you, yeah, yeah, yeah.

/hums Beatles songs now.
And the smallest hint will ear worm a Beatles song for me. (Hope my cubicle mates like Beatles...)

They’re all so cute with their signs.
The definitely do look like a rock band.
Ooh, such a sweet photo!
What a cute crew! Harper looks ready for adventure too.
Week eight (a.k.a. the week when you don't have a good picture idea and then realize that one of your current quilting projects matches one of your doll's shirts...)

[Image: 47150463942_05188053a8_z.jpg]Ophelia30 by tisue999, on Flickr
A great colour combination! I like the way you lined her up with the pattern.
Maybe she would like another shirt from some of the leftover fabric! wink
Respect... for quilters, from someone who hates sewing even little things!
They go very well together.
Fun composition with the star pattern behind her, and the coordinating colors!
I have to agree with what people have said here, it's a fun picture with the star pattern and the coordinating colours!

I hope your quilting project goes well
Interesting, having the star pattern backgroung!
Love the match with the background quilt.
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