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Full Version: dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
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Great way to celebrate!
That’s a great card (wall hanging?), and I love his shirt
It's actually a placemat smile
It made a great background. Great St Patrick's Day photo smile
I very much like the "moon over a ruined castle" background image. It looks like he is sharing the history and significance of the artwork.

(Which, I now know, means he's saying, "it's actually a placemat!"  LOL )
A very lovely shot
beautiful quilt! and of course lovely photo smile
Week Twelve

I was attempting to hop on the "dolls in stripe-y stockings" bandwagon, and then the shot I liked best didn't include her stockings...

[Image: 47407200142_39458f68a1_z.jpg]Bex9 by tisue999, on Flickr
Oooh! Spooky misty moonlight scene! I like the way the color of her hair mirrors that of the moon. Very nice... even if the stripey stockings don't show!
Another cool background. And pretty girl. I like the way the lighting makes it look like the moonlight's shining on her hair.
You pick some awesome backgrounds!
Perfect moonlight girl.
Striped socks or not, this is a lovely shot. Cute little girls looking right at home in spooky forests at the night of the full moon are the best!
Ooh, Bex looks like she's ready for a night of mischievous fun. It's a wonderful shot, and looks so lovely.
Week Thirteen (not feeling particularly inspired sad)

[Image: 33634255238_e3e21ecde4_z.jpg]FreddySan1 by tisue999, on Flickr
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