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Full Version: dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
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Aw, but they're very cute together.
The red dress is adorable.

The dude looks like he's ready to go bowling with that shirt! It even has "lanes" in the pattern!  LOL
Love Bex in the black against the spooky background. The two kiddos don't look to thrilled with taking a picture.
For some reason, I imagine them saying "This is so embarrassing..." "I know, right?" LOL They're really cute, though!
That is some impressive side-eyeing going on there. I wonder who they're silently judging?
OK, now I'm picturing them going on a bowling date and being embarrassed that someone's parent wanted to take a picture first...
Oh yes, the “parents are soooo embarrassing with their picture taking” look is perfect there.
Week Fourteen
Quick snap of Lafeyette and Rhys. (Rhys may be telling him about the adventure he just had with a certain mini Dal...)

[Image: 40591808413_b39d195ac3_z.jpg]RhysLafe1 by tisue999, on Flickr
Couple of handsome guys there... I can just imagine the conversation. "Wait, what? You dropped her?? Dude..."
I love me a Tae or two!

(04-08-2019, 04:52 AM)Alliecat Wrote: [ -> ]Couple of handsome guys there...  I can just imagine the conversation.  "Wait, what?  You dropped her??  Dude..."

A pair of very handsome boys there.
Very handsome boys, who seem prone to a bit of gossip, lol
Lovely gents!
Week Fifteen

Taking a break this week from my usual Pullip family photo to post a quick picture of my Rock Candy Brienne of Tarth in honor of today's Game of Thrones premiere.

In yet another story of how DM enables our dolly collections, I'd never heard of Funko's Rock Candy line until DeadlyNova posted a picture of her lovely Luna Lovegood Rock Candy figure during last year's doll-a-day threads. This put them on my radar, and then in December I found the Brienne figure on ebay for under $8 (including shipping), and got her as a Christmas present for myself. I love how the figure has the typical Rock Candy adorableness while also not losing Brienne's trademark fierceness.

[Image: 32665956097_da99bdc1fd_z.jpg]BoT by tisue999, on Flickr
That's a pretty cool figure! I love the detail in the armor and the belts!
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