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Full Version: Round 68 Voting Thread
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You are currently browsing the voting thread for Round 68. The theme for this round was Flowers  and this theme was chosen by Elfy, winner of Round 67.  Please cast your vote for your favorite from the following four entries, in alphabetical order of the username.  Voting closes on August 16. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period chooses the theme of the next round.

Here are the entries:

Fragrant Rose by Alliecat
[Image: 48515623852_5858ac189a_z.jpg]

Cal by dargosmydaddy
[Image: 48513024022_614c2a044e_z.jpg]

Flower Arranging by Elfy 
[Image: 57a0c5cb8f27037b2769421d5c994b92.jpg]

Winter Flowers by Lejays17
[Image: 31ccc2869933074b13823fb84747c8d0.jpg]
Very pretty photos!
Everyone’s photos are beautiful. And everyone has done something a little bit different too, which is cool.
Really tough round, was hard to pick a favourite.
I missed it.
Oh well, next time.
As for now, it's hard to chose...
Always so hard to pick just one.... Pretty photos, everyone.
Oooh! Another tie!

Elfy & Lejays--congratulations to both of you. Please think of the theme for the next round and one of you can PM me once you've thought of something.

Nice entries, all!
Congrats, Elfy and Lejays!
Congrats, you two.
What kind of flowers are those?
(08-18-2019, 12:26 PM)Alliecat Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats, you two.
What kind of flowers are those?

The big red one in my shot is a camellia, the smaller red and white ones are some sort of flowering fruit tree.
Really stoked to have a tie with Lejays. Was an excellent round.
Thanks all for voting - I wasn't expecting to win (or even tie!)

Alliecat - like Elfy said, the small red & white flowers are some type of local fruit tree, the fruit looks like little apples. There's also a pink variety in the nature-strip on the main road, but we didn't get any of them for the photo.

We'll think og a theme & let you know!
Ah, it does look a bit like our crabapples, so that's interesting.
Neat flower pics :3 My personal fave is Cal with his brilliant orange flower yay. (happens to be my fave color Tongue.)