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Full Version: MegaHouse 1/6 To Heart 2 Lucy Maria Misora (2008)
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a new girl is joining the 1/6 Anime Family; "Lucy Maria Misora" from the 2005 series "To Heart 2"

she should be here by JAN. 02, a rather unexpected late Christmas gift to myself, since she happened to be there at the right time, at a price i just couldn't say no to, no less...

[Image: 10063378a.jpg]

[Image: Lucy.Maria.Misora.full.251952.jpg]

[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%20ToHeart2%20MegaH...n%2016.jpg]

[Image: pa.107108.2_1.jpg]
She's so cute!
She's adorable! I hope the delivery estimate is accurate and that there are no shipping delays.
Oh, she is very cute! I hope she arrives quickly enough
just got her in yesterday, brought her little mouth out a bit with some detailing;

[Image: Mikuru%20and%20Maria%201-3-20%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]
What an adorable addition to your collection! Nice job on her mouth!
Oh, she is so very adorable looking
her original undies, improved a bit;

[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%201-4-20%202%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]

[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%201-4-20%203%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]
That's a great upgrade!
Impressive fine needlework, there! Your patience and skill were up to the task!
[Image: Tamaki%20and%20Lucy%201-6-20%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]

[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%20John%201-30-20%2...E%2060.jpg]

[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%20John%201-30-20%2...E%2030.jpg]


[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%201-4-20%202%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]

[Image: Lucy%20Maria%20Misora%201-4-20%203%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]
a bit of Fun, Fractured Phrasing for those amused by such things;

[Image: To%20Heart%202%20Konomi%20-%20Lucy%20Meg...20%201.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%202%20Konomi%20-%20Lucy%20Meg...20%202.jpg]
[Image: Princess%20Lucy%203-6-20%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]
She's lovely! Beautiful work with the sewing! Is this outfit your own creation?
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