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Full Version: Loona's dolls (first up: the J-dolls!)
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Hello everyone,

creating a thread for my doll photos has been a long-time plan of mine, but it always fell through - until today! I can't commit to any frequency, but if and when I'll take photos of my dolls (of any kind - hence it's in the "Other Dolls/Figures" section), I'll be posting them in this thread. I hope you'll like them! blush
I'll start off with some 'profile photos' I recently took of my J-dolls. I listed them in their order of arrival. I hope you like them! smile

First up is the proud bearer of the title 'miss Forever Favourite', the girl who tempted me into J-dolls, Julie Andrássy:

[Image: 50832026643_14644d8532_z.jpg]
Julie (J-doll Andrassy Avenue) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

Second is the ever-so-cheerful and radiant Joanne Robson, or simply Jo:

[Image: 50832024348_8a9eff8fa0_z.jpg]
Jo (J-doll Robson Street) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

Next up is our resident badass cutie, Loïse des Anglais:

[Image: 50832025013_2c6b79db5f_z.jpg]
Loïse (J-doll Promenade des Anglais) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

...followed by the dark and elegant Alba (Alberta De Martini):

[Image: 50832025443_a2cf55ff7b_z.jpg]
Alba (J-doll De Martini) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

Next up is shy and adorable Mari:

[Image: 50832768821_6469a301b5_z.jpg]
Mari (J-doll In-sa-dong) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

And here's down-to-earth and ambitious, but sadly yet-to-be-named Aiguo East Road:

[Image: 50832024703_c9a2b4455e_z.jpg]
J-doll Aiguo East Road by ~Loona~, on Flickr

Next up is Julie's smart twin sister, Katalin Andrássy, or in short, Kat:

[Image: 50832853087_7324bf7b78_z.jpg]
Kat (J-doll Andrassy Avenue) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

...followed by Willa (Wilhelmina Melrose), the avid traveller:

[Image: 50832853172_96b2398f18_z.jpg]
Willa (J-doll Melrose Avenue) by ~Loona~, on Flickr

...and last, but not least, the latest addition to my J-doll family, the enchanting and mysterious Burgenstrasse (she's so mysterious that she hasn't yet told me her name, we'll need to work on that):

[Image: 50832024003_6d45ecd367_z.jpg]
J-doll Burgenstrasse by ~Loona~, on Flickr
I love how much personality all your girls have!
Oooh! I’ve not previously seen so many J-Dolls together in one post! It is fascinating sting and intriguing, and a bit tempting, to see so many together like this!

Good to see you starting a dedicated topic for your cuties, Loona! Hoping to see lots more pics, and to read lots more commentary, over time!
I think Jo is my favourite, I like her upbeat positivity.
They’re all great - I haven’t seen many J-dolls, so seeing all of yours is a real treat.

Looking forward to seeing many more of your dolls & learning about them.
Ahh, they're all lovely! yay How nice to see another big J-Doll fan. We have 3 of the same ones. Wait, you have TWO Andrassys? Wow! Mine's belt has disintegrated; what about yours? And where did you find the cute little glasses?
Burgenstrasse looks like she needs a very elegant name from like the 1800s or something. Alba has gorgeous eyes.
This is definitely an "enabling" post xp
Hope to see lots more!
Your J-dolls are beautiful!!! And your photos are great.

I don't want to start collecting J-dolls, but I love oogling them!