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Enofelli's Feedback - enofelli - 05-09-2009


This is my feedback thread.

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RE: Enofelli's Feedback - urbanmagpie - 02-05-2010

+1 as a seller!
Just recieved the cutest outfit from Enofelli!
Great communication and nice to deal with!
Thanks again!

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - twinkle_eyed - 03-21-2010

+1 for a wonderful seller! I bought a Sugarmag dress and another lot of clothes, and everything arrived super fast! Great communication and I love everything!! Thank you so much!! <3

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - RacerGT - 04-28-2010

+2 Awesome Seller!! I bought Blanche's entire stock and she made it affordable. She kept in complete contact with me and stayed on top of the transaction the entire time. Highly recommended... <3

Thank you!

You are the best!! ^_~

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - thnjordan - 04-03-2011

+1 as a seller yay Thank you!

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - Miss Edith - 04-05-2011

+1 as a seller

I bought Arion's boots and they arrived very fast in perfect condition. Thanks again smile

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - Teslithia - 04-09-2011

+1 as a seller.
Bought a Dal & it arrived compact & safe. Condition was great & when I asked for extra pictures, they were taken with no problems. Thanks so much!

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - CherryBlossomGirl - 04-15-2011

+1 as a seller
I bought an Lan Ake from her. She arrived in perfect condition and in time. Great communication, a pleasure to buy from you ♥ thanks for everything!!

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - vanie - 04-30-2011

+1 as a super seller! Super nice, love the dress set! Thank you! smile

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - cmair1202 - 05-08-2011

+1 purchased Kaela's shoes arrived today thank you.

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - applecandy - 05-10-2011

+1 as a seller

She's very friendly and polite, a pleasure to deal with! And the shipping is super fast! yay

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - sarahkms - 05-11-2011

+ 1 as a GREAT seller. I bought her Papin and it arrived very well packaged. Thanks, Justine! Hope we can deal again soon.

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - Miss Edith - 08-08-2011

+1 as a wonderful seller

enofelli is always a pleasure to deal with smile My Blanche arrived safe & lovely after a flawless transaction !
thanks again hun

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - Miss Edith - 09-26-2011

another +1 as a seller

^^^what I said in the previous post x 2 (exchange Monomono for Blanche) grin

RE: Enofelli's Feedback - harajukupat - 10-01-2011

+1..Great communication and quick to shipsmile I received the acr stock outfit today & I love it! Many thankssmile Would definantly work with again!