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TAKARA 1/6 "Nakoruru" improved Faceup - tasuke - 09-10-2017 03:03 AM

after several bungled attempts at corrective "eye surgery" -with water-soluble TAMIYA COLOR plastic model paint- that started out promising,
but only got worse the more i fussed with it, in an attempt to tweak and dial-in the job, i took a paper towel doused in Iso. Alcohol to it all,
removing all but the original, imperfect factory eye-printing. starting afresh, with a "less-is-more" angle in mind, i think this time i just may have something i can live with;


[Image: Nakoruru3_zps8425ea4d.jpgoriginal.jpg]


[Image: Nakoruruhearts%209-9-17%202.png]


[Image: Nakoruruhearts%209-9-17%201.png]


[Image: Nakoruru_zpsbab1a74e.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru2_zpsa3175767.jpg]

[Image: Nakorinhearts9-6-20142_zpscb65fa8b.jpg]

RE: TAKARA 1/6 "Nakoruru" improved Faceup - tasuke - 01-30-2018 02:49 AM

[Image: Nakoruruhearts%201-29-18%20CROP.png]

[Image: Nakoruruhearts%201-29-18%202.png]

RE: TAKARA 1/6 "Nakoruru" improved Faceup - davidd - 01-30-2018 02:03 PM

Such a pretty face! And cheerful, too!