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Picking daisies - Alliecat - 11-11-2017

I am sooo far behind sorting photos. These are from June. Winter suddenly arrived, and it's officially "minus" out today. I had to dig out the winter coat, earmuffs, thermal underwear, gloves... auwe!!! Cry
So, I'm remembering the daisy patch I left in the middle of the yard when I mowed in June. I ended up with a lot of very similar photos of Sara, so here are a few.

[Image: 38319094781_a024cbcede_o.jpg]

[Image: 38264267246_79e3f09949_o.jpg]

[Image: 38264266316_0d72f4c7b6_o.jpg]

[Image: 38319091981_bd720bd23d_o.jpg]
I thought about rewigging her, but once I undid her hair, it's kinda grown on me smile And since now she matches mini Doryn, she'll probably keep it for now.

RE: Picking daisies - fishy - 11-11-2017

Beautiful! smile Try to stay warm!

RE: Picking daisies - MapleLeaf - 11-15-2017

Your photos are really cute! Happy
I wish it was summer again.

RE: Picking daisies - Offgenemi - 11-16-2017

Very refreshing , serene photos. You can photograph this girl with so much ease it seems. I would think her hair color would be a challenge but it doesn’t seem so

RE: Picking daisies - Cornflower Blue - 11-16-2017

She's a lovely flower amongst the daisies.

RE: Picking daisies - Alliecat - 11-18-2017

Thanks, all smile The light was going at this point in the day, so the original photos were rather dark and blah. So I admit to some tweaking of light. I don't think the hair colour is difficult... very pale dolls are harder to shoot.