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RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 02-20-2018

Katelynn keeps looking at them and saying "those shirts are even cuter on them than I thought they would be!" It makes me really happy! smile

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 02-25-2018

So this week I get to brag on how awesome my roommates are again!

Katelynn texted me after her shift Thursday night to let me know the bookstore where she works had clearanced out their DC Superhero Girls, and they still had a Bumblebee, which is one of the few I didn’t have yet. I stopped in to pick her up on my way to work. Our other roommate, Avonlea, has been using my DCSHG dolls as the subject of her semester-long project for her college photography class, so I texted her to let her know she’d have access to Bumblebee for the next batch of photos. She texted me back and told me not to buy Batgirl, because she’d already gotten her for me! She’d been planning on surprising me when I saw the pictures but didn’t want me to accidentally end up with her twice. As she said, the Gotham searchlight was too good an opportunity to miss for her “light experimentation” photo!

So here’s the two new girls I bought or found out I had yesterday. I know the background’s a bit busy but I’ve been itching to take a photo of some of my DC girls in front of this puzzle before we hang it up!

[Image: IcfnUXzr.jpg]

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - davidd - 02-25-2018

Wow! Exciting day yesterday! At least, from a dolly perspective!

I like the shot against the "busy" background, because the background is the perfect setting for these characters! It makes for a colorful photo, too!

That's interesting that your roommate is using dolls as subjects in a college photography class. If she's doing that, she should be here sharing her pics on the forum!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Cornflower Blue - 02-25-2018

The puzzle makes for an interesting background, both because of the comic characters and also the from the lines of the puzzle pieces.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Alliecat - 02-25-2018

Congrats on your new additions smile It sounds like you have some lovely and fun roommates!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Lejays17 - 02-26-2018

Love the background, and it suits the 2 dolls perfectly.

what an interesting idea to photograph dolls fo the college class.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 03-03-2018

I’m not going to have anything much more exciting than this happen in the next couple of days, so here’s my not-so-great pic of the week:

[Image: fHma3SJr.jpg]

My Mirodoll Rain made it here! And here’s how his eyes looked straight out of the box... I guess traveling makes him dizzy? smile

Unfortunately none of the clothes I’ve ordered him or his wig have made it here yet. He’s borrowing a spare wig and wearing a bandana as a toga until things start showing up. smile I’ll give him a thread in the BJD galleries with a couple more pics soon.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Alliecat - 03-06-2018

Yippee another Mirodoll on the forum! Do we have the only two?? Annie says hello. smile
Looking forward to seeing how he looks once you get his accessories.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - davidd - 03-06-2018

He has an enthusiastic expression even though he's lacking hair and clothing. I'm sure he will be an entertaining addition to your crew.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Cornflower Blue - 03-06-2018

Ha, ha, those eyes! Maybe the person who installed them had a sense of humor?

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 03-06-2018

Alliecat, we may be the only two! They did send me the promised event head, though, so this guy may eventually be getting a lady friend...

Davidd, thanks! I really liked his faceup so even though I’d love to try my hand at painting a BJD eventually I couldn’t resist the company face this time!

CB, the putty on his left eye had actually come a bit loose in transit so that’s what was causing it. Definitely made me giggle when I saw it!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Miss Edith - 03-11-2018

your DC girls look fabulous in front of the puzzle. And Rain is lovely, cross eyed & all wink Looks like a potential long distance relationship for Annie, Allie grin

Congrats Greys Heart 2 (I like his faceup too)

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 03-12-2018

[Image: rp9MZVjr.jpg]

Completely lazying out this week but this was the only doll photo I took. New boy’s shirt came in. Everything I ordered him except for a cardigan has shipped so now it’s just the waiting game. I think I’ve settled on a name for him too: Solon.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Alliecat - 03-12-2018

Lazy photos are allowed! smile Fun waiting for little packages in the mail, isn't it! (Except when they get overdue.) Thanks to last year's PUDDLE mall excursion, I now know what Pocky is! LOL

(03-11-2018, 04:24 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: Looks like a potential long distance relationship for Annie, Allie grin

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - davidd - 03-12-2018

Lazy photos often look like "real people" photos... as does this one.

Solon... good choice. That's my dad's middle name, actually.