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Round 44--Voting Time! - KiraKira - 01-10-2018

Happy New Year! I'm slightly late with putting up this Round 44 voting thread, so already I'm failing at keeping one of my resolutions. Thanks to the four of you who managed to come up with a photo entry for this intriguing theme--Two Bodies, One Soul, courtesy of our previous round's winners, Alliecat & Offgenemi.

Please cast your vote for your favorite from the following entries. Voting closes on January 12, so don't delay. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period will get to choose the next round's theme.

Here are the entries, in no particular order…

Merging souls by Offgenemi
[Image: 25689077478_d25d56427b_z.jpg]

Soulmates aren’t always human by Alliecat
[Image: 24674756477_709a5747b7.jpg]

I miss you by BlueBlueKarou
[Image: 38765555894_2277dbd977.jpg]

With my companion, my soul can take flight and soar by Rexicorn

[Image: 25603655748_dcea5f2e95.jpg]

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - s1dthesqu1d - 01-10-2018

Oh wow I am loving these!!! It's so hard choosing a favorite!!! Heart 2

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - davidd - 01-10-2018

I love the atmospheric lighting in each of these photos! Great submissions for a challenging topic!

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Offgenemi - 01-10-2018

I love all of the photos ! Isn’t it great how everyone interpret it differently ! I love them all. It will be hard to choose.
I was worried nobody would submit for a theme like this so thank you all for taking the time to make photos !

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Rexicorn - 01-10-2018

What a great theme, so creative! I love the photos; glad I wasn't the only one who chose an animal soulmate grin

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Cornflower Blue - 01-11-2018

Nice photos, all! You make it so hard to choose just one.

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - BlueBlueKarou - 01-12-2018

What a fab range of pics we've compiled! I really enjoyed that theme, even if it took me forever to figure out what to do.

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Lejays17 - 01-12-2018

They're all beautiful interpretations on the theme, hard to pick a favourite.

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - *NatTheCat* - 01-13-2018

Neat entries again, guys! Happy (A little disappointed I couldn't participate, but things get in the way sometimes.)
And Offgenemi, I am a little in awe of how you got your girl to balance like she's actually dancing. yay

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - KiraKira - 01-14-2018

I also had a tough time casting my vote...they were all wonderful photos.

Congratulations, Offgenemi! Please think of the next round's theme and then let me know!


RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Alliecat - 01-14-2018

Cute ideas, everyone!
Congrats Offgenemi for smokin' the competition wink

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - davidd - 01-14-2018

Well done with a challenging theme, Offgenemi!

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Offgenemi - 01-14-2018

I feel bad winning this since I came up with the theme, thank you very much! At first I was going to dress two dolls the same grin I will find a better theme , this time around. Thank you very much !

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Lejays17 - 01-14-2018

Don't feel bad! It was a gorgeous photo that showcased the theme beautifully.

RE: Round 44--Voting Time! - Cornflower Blue - 01-15-2018

Congrats! This is a casual contest, I wouldn't feel bad about winning your own theme.