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Ryoko Hakubi ("Tenchi Muyo!") - tasuke - 05-11-2018

"Tenchi Muyo!" was one of my early gateway Anime, besides MACROSS/ROBOTECH;!

consequentially, one of my first, gateway Character Dolls was the 11in. TOYNAMI Ryoko Hakubi from 2001.

i still have her, too, with a recent, commemorative custom Face Up;

[Image: Ryoko%20%20TOYNAMI%20Johns%205-10-18.png]

RE: Ryoko Hakubi ("Tenchi Muyo!") - GreysPrincess - 05-14-2018

That hair is to die for!

RE: Ryoko Hakubi ("Tenchi Muyo!") - tasuke - 06-10-2018

best photo i can seem to find, of her original factory face-up;

[Image: TOYNAMI%20Ryoko%20Hakubi%20doll.jpg]

RE: Ryoko Hakubi ("Tenchi Muyo!") - davidd - 06-10-2018

Oh, wow! The "upgraded" face-up is a dramatic improvement!