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Kansas Collectors - mistymaydolls - 08-11-2018

Anyone collect dolls in Kansas ? maybe we could meet up !

RE: Kansas Collectors - Desrochers - 09-04-2018

I spend a half of the year in Topeka, Misty. Where are you from in Kansas? Did you meet any other Kansas collectors?

RE: Kansas Collectors - GreysPrincess - 09-05-2018

I’m in southwest Missouri, so depending on where I’m Kansas we’re talking I might be close enough to come!

RE: Kansas Collectors - *NatTheCat* - 09-08-2018

I live in NW Iowa, and a relative takes about 5 hours to get here driving from Kansas, so maybe..? Like Greys said, depends where in Kansas we're talking.

RE: Kansas Collectors - johnkeo - 12-21-2018

nice to know about the information

RE: Kansas Collectors - davidd - 12-22-2018

(12-21-2018, 09:17 PM)johnkeo Wrote: nice to know about the information

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