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Lila's spa day - Alliecat - 06-21-2020

Some time ago I got Mini Libra, and her hair was a bit of a mess when she arrived.  It's only gotten worse.  I guess the ultimate in leisure time is when you have 2 hours to sit on your porch combing doll hair, but I finally did the other night.  I also discovered to my dismay that she & Kailani both have had changes in their hair colour.  Lila's is tolerable; made it kind of ombre.  Kai's just went from the lovely pale aqua, to ... straw Irritated

Anyway, here she is "before"...

[Image: 50027930096_8fd8f72657_o.jpg]
Just a tangle, and in her face All The Time.

[Image: 50028191907_0ccc3b4cc9_o.jpg]

[Image: 50014209133_bfe8259b57_o.jpg]
After a couple hours of wet combing!

[Image: 50028192972_952f90755d_o.jpg]
Something to keep her upright so her hair could all dry.
"If this works, Marilyn, you're next."

[Image: 50027392753_14e760a6b9_z.jpg]
"Oooh.... I feel so pretty now!"

[Image: 50028192857_704d6915d2_o.jpg]
"These lupins are the perfect colour for me!"

[Image: 50027392218_5078d5da39_o.jpg]
"And so are the columbines."

[Image: 50028192942_0396e462e7_o.jpg]

[Image: 50027392383_7e58496665_z.jpg]
And they smell as wonderful as they look.

[Image: 50027392288_1cc9373f0e_o.jpg]
"I'm so pretty now!  I love my neat hair!  (now if only my dress would stay up...)"

RE: Lila's spa day - davidd - 06-21-2020

That is quite a dramatic improvement! A total elimination of the frizzy tangles!

Lovely flowers, too!

RE: Lila's spa day - dargosmydaddy - 06-21-2020

She looks lovely! And while the wig just changing colors on its own is disturbing... the effect is really gorgeous!

RE: Lila's spa day - neon_jellyfish - 06-21-2020


She looks really beautiful!

RE: Lila's spa day - werepuppy - 06-21-2020

Such success!!

RE: Lila's spa day - Lejays17 - 06-21-2020

Amazing success! Although, it is concerning that it spontaneously changed colours like that.

The pic standing in the water glass made me laugh - is Marilyn next to be given the same treatment now?

RE: Lila's spa day - Loona - 07-03-2020

I think Lila's ombre hair looks awesome (though still, WTH Groove, such things should not happen!), and I love how her curls turned out, it was worth the effort smile
Lovely pictures! I love the overload of purple, and the bright, full and saturated colours!

RE: Lila's spa day - Lilcurly - 07-18-2020

She looks fabulous! Such a big improvement, and such beautiful flowers <3

RE: Lila's spa day - Aijo - 08-05-2020

She looks stunning! It's such an improvement.
And her hair against that background of lupinus polyphyllus (lupin) is totally on point. Great job! smile

RE: Lila's spa day - Alliecat - 08-06-2020

Thanks so much for all the nice comments, everyone! I had intended to post much sooner here – yes, Marilyn is next — but my computer crashed right afterward and I’m still dealing with the hassle with an idiot seller I got a replacement from, with glitches, so lack of drive space on the old laptop and general time-consuming nonsense has meant not many dolly photos and Marilyn’s makeover got postponed. She’s being very patient…