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Challenge 2 - Discussion
Challenge 2 Entries

TrotCon 2017 - Kana's Secret Base: Pokemon Collection - Dragon Adventures Crafting
[Image: 33576409126_99f0b825d1_o.png]
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;O; It seems broken...
:O oh man
[Image: dasdadasdadadasd.png]
I love the brightness of Isolde's entry! It looks like it's such a happening party! And Letti's is sooo adorable! <3 I also love Tekka-Maki's entry. Love the pinata!
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Thanks vanie! I love your entry as well!
[Image: dasdadasdadadasd.png]
;O; Oh goshhh so many of them are so cute! I think that Letti's is my fav this time too ;U;
I really love the lights in Isolde's entry, too! Love the props used in Hilary's entry, the cinematic likeness in Ten-ten's, the cute outfits in Letti's and Mothball's entries, and also the magical atmosphere in Coty's Mad Hatter tea party!!
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wow - what a gorgeous bunch of pics ! I am so glad I am not a judge grin

I think I have to say Isolde is my favourite, the colours and the NBX theme are irresistable. I also love Letti, Charlotte, Stella and Coti (who doesn't love a Tea Party?) wink
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AW thanks guys!! grin It took me FOREVER to set that scene up! It all feels worth it now! smile I wish everyone the best of luck for this round! ^-^LOL
[Image: dasdadasdadadasd.png]
Everyone took gorgeous photos, so nice work! My favorite this round was Dai in the 'spin-the-bottle' scene. So original! smile
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I love Ten-Ten´s and Letti´s entry. Both are very original and absolutely lovely! <3
[Image: signatur.jpg]
The Tekka-Maki piñata party photo is excellent for the sense of action and the ambitious use of a variety of unusual props.

Isolde's image accurately recreates the peculiar, nightmarish style of Tim Burton, with the camera angle, poses, and shadows among the colorful setting suggesting an element of sinister behind the festive.

Whoa! Spin the bottle? Kind of a racy party! Great expressions among Dai and friends!

I love love love the Mia photo -- two sweet little girls all dressed up and having a pretend tea party (with real snacks!); it's simply adorable!

But Ten-Ten, with the sense of loneliness amid the festivities, has the most powerful impact, both visually and emotionally, for me, with great composition, saturated yet soft color, and an effective use of selective focus to emphasize the figure and tell a story.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
I really love the setting and all those adorable props for Charlotte's party~
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I like Ten-Ten's picture. It's adorable in its own bittersweet way. She looks so sad and in need of a friend and a hug.
Isolde's entry is my favorite. Charlotte;s is second and Tekka-Maki's is third because I love the pinata.
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