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Full Version: Feedback For Wampirencja
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+1 as a buyer! had great communication and was great to work with :]


+1 as a buyer, great communication and fast payment!

+1 as a seller, for a Nomado head.
+1 as a seller and seamstress, she made my U-noa L-bi boy a warm and nice coat for the winter and he and are both very happy with it!
+ 1
Horizon arrived in the 3 - 4 weeks said. He is absolutley stunning and pru is extremely happy to see him

smile Thank you so much.
Would gladly buy from again.
Amy ^____^
+ 1 seller i bought timulus and sol from her.she send it so fast and some clothes with them.thank you so much! <3
+1 seller
Thanks so much for the stock pieces, you were awesome to deal with!
+1 as a seller!! Super fast shipping, and items were in good condition! Very awesome to work with!! Thanks!!
+1 Seller
As always, it was a pleasure! The stock is in perfect condition and the jeans I commissioned are absolutely perfect on my boy! <3
+1 great transaction, communation, and Wonderfull Boy

I bought her boy with a payment plan and she was very nice and understanding.

Thanks sooooo much Amnis Looks Wonderful...
+1 for a wonderful seller, Rei and Lead arrived safely and with lost of boys clothes. Thank you very much !
+1! I LOVE the shirt and vest I commissioned for my boy. They're very well-made and I appreciate the great communication during the whole process, too! Thank you so much!
+1 <3 as a awesome seller

I bought her cavalie and she didn't mind helping me avoid problems with my mom by sending him off later. he was extremely well packed and arrived in no time.

Purchased a few handmade shirts that arrived very quickly, and fit wonderfully! Great communication as well.
+1 for a great seller

commissioned a Taeyang shirt from her and its perfect - couldnt ask for anything better yay
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