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Full Version: Feedback For Wampirencja
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+1 for paying her part in the Parabox GO. Very patient and friendly! Thanks! Happy
+1 as a seller

I commissioned two hoodies for my Isuls and bought a pair of shorts for them, too. I am really happy with the clothes, plus Wampirencja was great about keeping in contact and showing photos of her work.
Thanks! Happy
+1 as a seller
I bought from her the angry plushie and taeyang clothes... and I love how my boys look on it!!!
Everything looks amazing and thank you so much for the shorts ^^

100% recommended!!!
+1 for a trade

I traded a doll head for a custom outfit. Communication was great, and the outfit, which was made right away, fits my Isul perfectly. Thanks! Happy
+ 1 as a seller! Very nice, helps a lot! smile
+1 as a seller, she's lovely to work with and I LOVE the outfit!!
+1 as a seller ^^. Smooth and efficient transaction. Great communications and the clothes was done fast and arrived quickly. Really great clothes, my dollies are greatful!
+1 Got my isul stock as described grin Thank you so much!
Friendly & fast payment. Thanks! grin
+1 Helped me out getting a pony from a seller in Poland. Wonderfully helpful - I can't say thank you enough! Thank you thank you thank you!
+1 as a buyer. quick payment & great communication. thanks!
I comissioned 2 outfits from wampirencja. She's great to deal with, a very nice seller~ Things were shipped quickly and arrived packaged well. They look great on my dolls. Thanks so much!
+1 Commissioned to make a suit for my Taeyang. She worked quickly and the suit arrived promptly and is perfect. THANKYOU! smile
+1 seller! Made me custom outfits; they are perfect! <3 she kept me updated, send me pictures during the process and she shipped it fast! I will definitly buy/commission from her again!
+1 trader!
Traded me a hand-made BJD outfit for a Pullip head. Communication was wonderful on her part, very friendly and understanding when I made a mistake and couldn't access dollymarket for some time, shipped quickly, packaged well, and the clothes are extremely well-made. She's the perfect trade partner. smile
Thank you so much!
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