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Full Version: Knibitz's Feedback
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Feedback so far:

As of June 2th 2009:
Positive - 8 (7 buyer, 1 seller)
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0
Knibitz adopted a doll and was friendly and responsive throughout. a BIG +1 for buying.
+1 payment and incredibly easy person to deal with. Would gladly deal with again

Very good communication, and paid quickly. Very smooth transaction--great buyer!
+1 positive as a buyer~ Quick payment and very pleasant to deal with~
+1 for being a fabulous buyer and a great friend with benefits =D

+1 Great buyer, paid quickly and was friendly.


+1 as a buyer - friendly communication, paid super-fast, and let me know right away when her new doll arrived. I'd be happy to deal with knibitz again! Thank you!
+1 as a seller!
Stock arrived in excellent condition and super fast!
Thank you <3
+1 as a buyer. Fantastic to deal with, great communication.
+1 as a seller.

The wig arrived today and it's exactly the right size. Thank you!
+1 as a seller Heart

I can't really say enough nice things about Knibitz, she has been a pleasure to deal with. yay There was a teeny tiny mistake (a non-issue, really) which she rectified in record time, beyond my satisfaction and I am completely floored by her honesty and integrity. Furthermore, she went out of her way to get me an exact quote and made the package smaller to get me cheapest shipping possible. As an international buyer, I really truly appreciate it, & would buy from again in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much, knibitz.

Everyone, she deserves your business! Heart 2
+2 for buying a wig and pair of glasses! I luffs Laura!
+1 seller. Sold me a custom Sou, beautiful and well packaged ! ^^
0 (neutral)
I made two offers for her Taeyang Lead -- one price for Lead as described in her sales post, the second price included an additional $10 for everything plus the purchase/installation of a pair of eyechips ($2 for eyechips + $8 for the labor to install them).

She accepted my offer, I paid immediately, she sent in a very timely manner ... however, she did not install the new eyechips. Therefore, I did not get everything I paid for and she would not agree to reimburse a portion of the cost (I asked for the $8 to be reimbursed).

She refuses to reimburse on the grounds that "the act of installing eye chips is simple" and she doesn't think "the installation of eye-chips is anything that difficult to do that would require a refund."

My point is that I paid an additional $10 with the understanding that this would be done for me. $2 for eyechips is a little much, but I will be keeping them so I subtracted that from the $10; I believe $8 for changing-out eyechips was reasonable, as this is something I do not know how to do nor do I have the proper tools to do it. Whether or not I can do it myself is irrelevant because she agreed and I paid her to do it. Otherwise, I just paid $10 for a pair of eyechips!! ^^;

The only solution she's offering is: "if you would still like are a refund, the only option I will offer is a full refund minus shipping, once the entire package is returned." I don't wish to return everything and I believe I'm being reasonable in asking for some kind of reimbursement, since I did not get everything I paid for.

I have waited a few days since her last PM for another response before leaving feedback. As she has made no further attempt to resolve this issue, I feel I am being overly kind by not leaving negative feedback. Before I received the doll, she was very pleasant to deal with. And, she agreed to my offer, so I don't quite understand the sudden change in disposition.
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