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Full Version: Jennyfur's Feedback; Feedback for sales and purchases
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Please leave your feedback for me here, I appreciate it alot!!

Thankyou so much!!!
+1 positive feedback!

Jennyfur was great to work with when I sold my Aquel. She was kind, paid extremely fast, and kept good communication habits. Was just in general a pleasure to work with and hope to work with again

+1 feedback as a buyer!

She paid very fast and is just a wonderful person to deal with

Thanks again!
+1 from me as a buyer! Very communicative and very fast to pay! It was a pleasure Jenny! Just let me know when she arrives

+1 Absolutely wonderful to deal with, great communication, a real pleasure.
+ Positive buyer! Fast payment and wonderful communication!
Another positive for super fast payment and wonderful communication!


another positive for this lovely lady! she sent the item really fast, it was just as described and im really pleased with it, thanks so much!

This Person was very pleasant to work with, She has excellent communication skills & was very prompt to pay. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a valued customer



1 big + from me!
Excellent seller. Thanks alot for the extra hair clips, I love them!
A big high five from me!
To make a long story short, it was a partial trade and when items got delayed in post, she acted very responsibly and items did make it to me in great condition. Great comm and very friendly. Thanks!
Yeah, that was so Murphy's law :rolleyes: ! Thought they were lost so I reimbursed you and they turned up the next morning! Always the way
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Positive from me. Good buyer.


A positive for me, she was really sweet, patient, and item came not only faster than i thought, but exactly as described. She also included some extras

+ Positive from me. Excellent seller I ever met. I love all the wigs and free eye lashes and outfits. Many many thanks again.
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