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Full Version: Moony's Feedback
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+1 for selling goodness! Super fast delivery and awsome communication

+1 as a seller
I was part of a large split for some dal sized glasses. Moony was very organized and I got my pair of glasses fast!

She is an awesome person! ^^ It was fun being in contact with her through our transaction (splitting Zuora). The doll came to me with an outfit & hairclip and in beautiful packaging :3 She was very understanding & a pleasure to do business with!
+1 for selling!
Dolly clothes arrived safely!
Apologies for lateness



+1 for being an awesome buyer =D

Moony was awesomely wonderful whilst I was suffering from personal issues. She was a very patient, and prompt buyer =D

I would happily buy from / sell to again =D

Thanks a mil =D
+1 as a buyer

very friendly and paid quickly.

thank you so much!

+1 for awsome buyer and person


I do hope to hear again from you! <3
What a wonderful seller!!

Friendly, communicative (add as many positive adjectives as you would like here!wink


+1 as a buyer, thanks again!
+1 for adopting Talia! Great communication & fast payment! Very excellent person to do business with! <3
+1 from me~ !!
yay i love the doll!! (rei) my sis tamy bought her for me but i thought i
should write the feedback as i received her .(->very very quickly!!wink
thanks sooo much ! she's so beautiful! <3 <3
and she really has the squeakiest legs on the whole world grinD
so thanks again!
greeat seller!!
+1 for fast payment for the For My Doll Wig Group Order!
+1 for quick payment on the Dollmore Group Order.
+1 for paying quickly for her part of the FMD GO
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