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Full Version: Feedback For Burntbao; I have a bunch & sorta lost count...
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Hi everyone you can leave me feedback here, Thanks!

@ dolly market

Positive - 129+ lost count... grin
Neutral -
Negative -

@ Ebay ID burntbao

Positive - 591+

FB @ Pullip Fiction, Live Journal and Requiemart

(fb from lolibear, Joni, Parton, Dexadrine_green, and ebvcmr from a previous post)

FB on PF
+1 for speedy payment, thanks hon!
+1 for being a great seller! Thanks so much

+1 ~ Great buyer. Thanks!
+1 Great seller. Super fast shipping. I love the poohs!


+1 as buyer. Kept her word about items on hold, very friendly, and a nice person allaround. Thanks!
+1 - immediate payment & wonderful returning customer - im very pleased!!
+ 1 for being a perfect buyer! Super nice and she let me know when items arrived! Thank you so much!

A giant plus 1 from me for Burntbao! She is an awesome buyer!

Bought an item from her this time.. She is just amazing & fast S&H
+1 positive for the Neon Taeyang-sized shirt & two belts~

thank you!

Great seller!
+2 -- great buyer, thanks so much!


never have I encountered someone so rude as her.
Apr 14 2008, 03:06 PM
never have I encountered someone so rude as her.
as everyone knows this is retaliatory FB.


Your right. Please add 1 positive.
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