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Full Version: Feedback For Alisondanger
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Thanks for taking the time to leave me feedback. <3

Positive: 15 smile
As buyer: 7 ... As seller: 8

Neutral: 0

Negative: 0

eBay Feedback here

She is an awesome buyer!
The whole transaction went smoothly!
+1 as a buyer. Thanks!
+1 Perfect buyer! Thanks =)
+1 from me! Super fast payment, excellent communication~ Thanks!

+1 as buyer! Thanks very much!!
+1 as a buyer. Very patient, nice and friendly, speedy payment. Thank you for buying from me

+1 as a seller. Very nice to work with; great items available. Would buy from again! Thanks for such an easy transaction <3
+1 - Great communication. Very very friendly. <3 Payment was very prompt. Hope to trade with you again some day. yay
+1 from me! Transaction was perfect! I love the kimono-thing so much!
Great seller! Quick communication and fast shipping. Thanks again!
+1 as seller! Thanks!
+1 seller
Thanks so much, I'm very pleased. <3
+1 for Alisondanger! grin Just got my wig and my Anne looks soooo lovely in it. X3 Thanks so much!
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