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Full Version: Feedback For Dunneh
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Positive +120
Negative -
Neutral =

Positive +9
Negative -
Neutral =

If I've bought from you, or sold to you-- and you want to leave me feedback, feel free to do so on this thread. I will also leave feedback for sellers, but please let me know where you prefer so I don't have to hunt around for your feedback thread. Otherwise I will just leave it on the forum I interacted with you on. My feedback is one per transaction, not one per item. If I buy from you in two separate instances then I leave two, etc.

I have decided to make this my main feedback thread, so I will update the tally from the various places on here, thanks so much!

EBAY +94 Buying // +7 Selling
Dolly Market +12
Pullip Style (PrincessD) +7
Pullip Fiction (PrincessD) +1
Pinky Street (PrincessD) +10 (about 5 was selling circa 2006)
Live Journal - Personal Feedback Thread - none yet
Live Journal - Pullip Feedback Community +1
Dolly Mixtures (PrincessD) (Haven't sold/bought on here yet)

+1 from me Super fast payment and great communication! Thanks so much and just let me know when it arrives

Thank you! I will

+ 1 for dunneh! Wonderful and nice buyer! Fast payment and great communication! Recommended!
+1 as a good buyer! Swift transaction and buyer informed me once item arrived ^^
+1 for a great buyer, it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, and she paid right away, as well as letting me know when the dolls arrived. I'd be glad to do business with her again!
+2 Buyer thanks so much fast pay !
+1 for being a fantastic buyer
Thanks for being so patient and fast payment. smile
+1 for being a great buyer!
Fast payment and excellent communication. Thanks!
Super buyer thank you!!
+1 for a great buyer, payment made as promised, let me know that the dolls arrived safely in her new home. Just a wonderful transaction, thanks so much Dunneh.
+1 as a buyer!
Dunneh purchased a nude/bald aquel from me and was probably the best buyer I've ever had!
She paid quickly and was EXTREMELY understanding when there was a bit of a mishap with fault on my part.
I could not be happier with this buyer, and I'd definitely do business again smile
+1 as a buyer, quick payment & excellent communication! grin
+1 as a buyer, paid quickly and let me know when her package arrived, thanks!
+1 as a seller

excellent friendly communication, parcel sent as promised - it's all good !!
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