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Full Version: Feedback For Lorentine
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My complete feedback page

Thank you <3
+2 positives for being a great buyer, thanks so much!

+1 as a buyer-thank you grin!
Another +1 as a buyer-thanks again!
+1 for being a great buyer! And really nice and wonderful to deal with ^^
+1 Wonderful seller. Thank you so much!

+1 for a great seller. My girls were very happy to receive those cute shoes from you

wink Thanks so much!
+1 from me. Thanks for the fur wig. Great to communicate with. Thanks a bunch!

+ 1 for being a super-awesome buyer ^^ fast payment and always really nice to deal with! ^^
+1 for being a terrific buyer! :pbjtime:
Late on my part.. Sorry!
+1 from me as a buyer! Excellent communication, super fast payment! Thanks so much! <3
+1 as a seller for a Lan Ake wig arrived well packaged and right away
+1 as a seller: items in great condition, fast shipping, all around very nice to interact with!
+ 1 as a seller,

Such an amazing seller! And such a nice person, I'm soooo happy with the things I bought from you, especially the free fluffy legwarmers.

Super fast shipping and perfect communication <3
Thank you sooo much, you're amazing <3
+1 for being a great seller and very nice.

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