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Full Version: Feedback For Ver2
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Hi! I'm on eBay as conniebees with 100% feedback.

I'm also on DoA as Ver2.

In the Dolly Market:
Positive -- 23 (1 trade) smile
Neutral -- 0
Negative -- 0

On eBay:
Positive -- 329 (12 as a seller)
Neutral -- 0
Negative -- 0

+ 1 from me!!! She's a great buyer, really sweet and nice, welcomed back anytime! I'm glad I got to be the first!!!
+1 - good buyer!
+ 1 great buyer!

She is an awesome buyer ^^
The transaction was really quick and easy.
Hope you like your new outfits!
+1 ~ Great buyer!
+1 for a trade.

Did a trade of one stock for another through livejournal. Incredibly good communication, very prompt shipping, excellent quality of received item. Very pleased with the entire transaction, would be thrilled to do business again.
+1 for Zuora

She is a gorgeous doll and came in great condition. Very fast shipping and packaged well.
+1 for super-fast communication! Hope you enjoy your items! smile
+1 great buyer grin
I got Rei's suit from seller.
Fast shipping, great communication. Thanks!!
+1 Very nice buyer. Thanks so much for a great transaction. Enjoy the wig.
Super friendly seller... Fast with communication and shipping. Fun to PM with.. would buy from again!
+1 Great seller! Aquel's stock is perfect and was shipped very quickly. Thank you!!
Excellent seller!! I bought Aquel from her and she is super gorgeous! She held on to Aquel for me while I was out of town and shipped her to me so she arrived the day I returned home. I would love to buy from her again - she is a total pleasure to work with! Thank you!!!!! <3
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