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Full Version: Feedback For Requiem
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Feedback on PS under DGRequiem--all positive, on my website board under Requiem, all positive, and on ebay under Gwenniemew, also all 100%
I've had several great transactions, both as a buyer and as a seller, with Requiem on other sites! She's rad. Seriously.
Requiem rocks, hardcore, she's one of those people that can be on a forum for less than a day with no post na dbecause of her awesome rep, you know you're perfectly safe to deal with her over and over

100% yay! she pays immediatly too
+1 from me! I've had the best communication there is form Requiem too~
+1 positive for Afternoon's shoes & socks~

thanks :]
+1 awesome buyer

+1 for Afternoon's suitcase! I arrived safely and quickly! (sorry for the late feedback)
+1 as a buyer- I sold a wig to her and everything worked perfectly. Thanks!
+ 1 for being a perfect seller! Thank you so much for everything! Hugs!
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+ 1 for a perfect trade, thank you sooo much!!!<3
+2 for a fabulous buyer!!
+1 as a Buyer, thank you very much <3
+1 to a great buyer!
+1 as a buyer. Quick payment, very nice to work with. Would recommend 100% yay
+2 (I do it by number of dolls lol) Great buyer and great communication. Thanks and may your Noir army expand. Tongue
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