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Full Version: Regs' Feedback; come tell me you love me! XD
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hi! *waves* here's my feedback

+60 Positive

0 Negative

EBay feedback available upon request smile

+1 FOr buying my Cornice
Fast payment and good communication.


+1 for sppedy payment for the wigs!!
as a seller for a fast and fun transaction

+1 as a buyer.
Good communication and quick payment. Would definitely recommend to anyone

+1 as a buyer for a quick and easy transaction!
+1 as a buyer.
Good communication, quick payment. Thanks!
1+ good buyer
+1 for an awesome buyer! great communication and very easy to deal with!

+1 Great buyer! Super fast payment and friendly.


+2 - Excellent buyer! Fast payments and great communication!

An awesome seller ^-^
Overall great transaction <3
+1 as a seller: overall great transaction!
+1 as a buyer! Flawless transaction, and great communication. Thanks! <3


+1 as seller (sorry for the lateness~) Speedy & flawless transaction
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