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Full Version: Feedback For Sakana_hime
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+1 for being one of the best sellers on DM

It's like you're living in the same state--I receive items from you so incredibly fast! Always a pleasure to PM with, and items are perfectly described & packed. Thanks so much!
+1, great seller! Friendly and the shipping was super fast. Thanks!
+1 as a seller, I got the loafers in the mail very quickly, thanks!
+2 as a Seller. I got a lovely Dal, Jolie and some "surprise" clothing for her... She is a tiny little one!! Transaction was smooth. Thank you so much!
+1 as a buyer

Bought jupi off of me and everything went as planned smile
1+ as a buyer! Happy Very pleasant to do business with.
good split partner!
+1 as an awesome buyer. Fast payment and was friendly to deal with. Thank you!
+1 as a Seller! I bought your Lead from lj smile He arrived fast and in perfect condition smile Thanks so much!
+1 buyer~

Prompt responses and payment, very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again! <33
+1 as a buyer. Adopted my full-custom boy. It's been a pleasure working with her every step of the way. I truly appreciate the business and hope you enjoy having Gen in your dolly family! ^^
+1 as a buyer! Very friendly, fast payment and smooth transaction ^^ Thank you!
+1 as a buyer! Nice and prompt communication, couldn't be more happy. Thank you for giving my doll a new home!
+1 as a buyer, great communication, was a pleasure to do business with. Would do business with again!!
+1 as a seller. Very awesome and very patient. Everything went well, thanks again!
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