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Full Version: Feedback For Acidteiae
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+1 as a buyer - great communication, prompt payment. grin
+1 as a seller

I got the wigs really fast. Thank you yay
+1 as a seller for Suigintou! grin I love my new girl, thank you very much! smile
+1 as a seller, good communication and perfect condition as described. Thanks~~~
+1 as a buyer.

Fast payment, lovely buyer. Enjoy Chill!
+1 good seller, good communication. thanks again!
+1 as a seller for nude Ala on marrone obitsu. She arrived looking TOO CUTE *o*! Loved the outfit you sent her in, it was such a nice surprise to send her fully clothed! And thanks for the rest of the amazing extras! I must do a camping pic-fic just to include those yummy looking s'mores XD Thanks so much acidteiae!
+1 as a seller

my lovely Neo Noir arrived looking perfect, and with some really nice clothes that I was not expecting as a great surprise. Thankyou so much smile
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