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Full Version: Feedback For Blaire
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+1 as a Concealed Cash Buyer. I have to say that label because honestly, no other Concealed Cash buyers who have said they'd buy from me with CC actually sent it

grin So I say, thank you for keeping your word. I would definitely work with you again~~

+1 Very happy with Another King's stock.
Plus the Thank You drawing and bonus hair clip was a nice touch. <3
+1 as a buyer - always a pleasure! One of my very favorite people on this board, hands-down. :sp 2:
+1 for a fantastic buyer, super fast pay! thanks again!
+1 as buyer! Thanks very much!!
+1 wonderful buyer, thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer. She got her payment out to me quickly, and she's wonderful to communicate with! Would definitely do business with her again!
+2 as a buyer for two successful transactions! thanks!
+1 from me! Blaire is a good buyer, and sent payment with adorable drawings. It was like getting happy thoughts through the mail!!!! :sp 2:
+1 As a buyer. Blaire replied very prompt, and can easily be found! Thank you so much for buying my dress!
+1 positive, fast payment. thanks so much!

Great buyer. Sent concealed cash, arrived fast and safe. smile
+1- Awsome buyer! Very nice and quick to send payment! Even drew a super cute chibi on the paper the money was sent on!
+1 positive for blaire for being a awesome and patient buyer! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy your items! ^__^
+1 thanks for buying stuff from me and being a wonderful buyer
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