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Full Version: Helpful Links For Deals Gone Wrong
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Having a problem transaction, or maybe one so good you want to brag about it? Here are a few links to some communities that are all about discussing bad, problem, or good dolly deals.

Bad Dolly Deals:
Bad Etsy Deals:
Failed Dolly Deals:
Good Dolly Deals:
Den of Angels - Problem Transaction Thread Index:
Den of Angels - Lists of Members with Status Flags, Marketplace Bans, Marketplace-related Forum Bans:
Den of Demons - The "Bad Sellers"-list:
Resinality - Known Scammers:
Pullip After Dark - The bad seller/buyer/trader list:
Pullip Angst:

Thanks to Cauldy for the list of links, which were taken from Failed Dolly Deals :kissy:
Thank you, for all the links, Zero and Cauldroness!!
I didn't know there were so many places to hear about deals ^___^
Thanks for the awesome list <3
It's good to know there are also comms. for discussing GOOD transactions, too! ;]
Hi there,

Just letting you know one of the links is dead: Resinality - Known Scammers:

They shut down. sad