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Full Version: Feedback For Obviouszebra
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I'm 25 years young in the UK and have 399+ feedback on eBay *here* ! I'm also a member of PullipStyle forum with the same username! Thanks for looking! ^-^

Positive- 80
Neutral- 0
Negative- 0

I will only trade, buy and sell with people over the age of 16. If you are under this age please let me know before I enter into any transactions with you. I apologise for the inconvenience, but I hope you will understand smile
+1 Great buyer, good communication and fast payment.
Very nice to deal with! <img src=" />

+1 as buyer! Thanks very much for adopting Rida!!
+2 as a buyer


Lovely lovely lovely person.
Bought two wigs from me. Very easy to speak with. <3
+1 for being a great buyer! Very nice and fast payment. smile


+1 Great buyer. Sold Afternoon's Jacket & other pieces, very friendly and easy to deal with.
+1 buyer! fast payment and super friendly!! :o)
+1 Thanks for the eyechips smile


+1. Bought bratz jeans from you, exactly as described. Wonderful purchase, thankyou grin
+1 Wonderful Trader! I did a partial trade with obviouszebra & I had so much fun. Was a pleasure to chat to. Thanks again. <3
+ 1 for seller! Great communication, thanks so much again for the eyechips!
+1 for an awesome trade yay

I traded my Tweety for her Hangry, and everything worked out amazingly awesome. I'd recommend her any time for trades or sales~ yay
+1 as a buyer! She bought Raphia and Cornice stock from me. Friendly, great communcation! <3 I'm glad you're enjoying the stocks!
+1 for adopting Rida. Thanks much!
+2 as a buyer!!

First one for a split we did on Leekeworld smile Paid very quickly and wonderful as always!
Second is for buying a pair of bratz jeans from me! Again, wonderful transaction <3
Biiiiig love!
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